Further functions

The app provides further functions that are explained in this section.

Simulation mode

Simulation mode simulates the camera by showing an artificial guide star and the telescope with a simulated adapter for automatic guiding. This mode is helpful to learn the processes and functions of the app without mounting your smartphone to the telescope.

The mode can be activated in the settings.

About and help

By pushing „About and Help” in main menu you find functions that provide further information about the app. You can start the tutorial that was shown when starting the app for the first time. Furthermore, you find version information, legal information about the used open source library, as well as a link to this website.


If you face technical problems, e.g., concerning the communication with your Wifi adapter, you can enable Logging to receive further information about the cause of the problem. You can enable Logging in the settings submenu „Logging”.

If logging is enabled, log information is captured and can be viewed in screen „About and Help” when clicking on „Log”.

Logging can decrease the tracking and actuation performance. Only enable it for troubleshooting.