How precise is the guiding of the app?

The guiding algorithm of the app works with subpixel accuracy, i.e., the app can compute the position of a star between pixels by analyzing its light distribution.

However, the precision of the guiding primarily depends on your specific setup, especially on the combination of:

  1. The light sensitivity of your smartphone's camera.
  2. The quality of the guider scope and the used ocular. The larger the diameter of the guider scope the better.
Furthermore, it depends on:
  1. Resolution of your photocamera and focal length of your telescope. The higher the resolution of your photo and the higher the focal length, the more precise your guiding must be.
  2. Brightness of guide star.

If you are not sure whether your setup is good enough for guiding, just mount your smartphone to your guider scope and open a photo app (preferably one that allows to set camera parameters manually) and try to take a picture of a potential guide star. If you can see the star in the picture, guiding with Agile Autoguider works.

What are the benefits of the app opposed to a „classic” guider?

If you already have an iPhone, you just need this app and a smartphone mount for your guider scope. This is significantly cheaper than a proprietary guider, and it might allow you to rather invest in the optical quality of your guider scope instead of the guider hardware. If you update your smartphone some day, you automatically have a better guider as the camera technology will have improved substantially.

Furthermore, I am taking care to make the app as usable and intuitive as possible. It is easy to configure and, as all other apps, it is simply kept up-to-date using the app store.

Which telescope protocols are supported?

The following Wifi protocols are currently supported:

I am happy to add protocols. If you want me to add your protocol and you agree to be the tester for it, just write an e-mail to .

Does the app work with SkyFi?

Yes, it can communicate with a SkyFi adapter using Wifi.

Is there an Android version?

No, currently there is no Android version.