The idea is simple. Imagine you are using a Win32 operating system. Furthermore imagine you have cramed your hard disks and you have no idea where you wasted all the disk space again. Yes, there is no easy way to find that out. That's the reason why I created Disc Space Reporter.

Disc Space Reporter is a simple and effective program which gives you a clear insight where you stuffed your hard drives with data you don't even remember anymore.

Drive usage report

The most important feature is the drive usage report. After creating the report your drives are shown in the typical tree structure. For each folder the following information are displayed:

The amount of used space does not consider clustering. Thus the real occupied space size may vary.

Top N file size ranking

True story: Once my girlfriend called and told me that her graphics editor did not respond anymore due to lack of memory. Then she broke out in tears. What does the perfect boyfriend do in such a situation? Yeah, I searched for the biggest files on her hard drive and what did I found? ... Two 40 GB temporary files that were created by that graphics program.

You loose a lot of memory because of huge temporary files which are not deleted because the particular programs crashed.

Disc Space Reporter gives you a list of the N biggest files on your hard drive. You'll be surprised which files are in your Top 20! You might even be able to find lost movie files which you carefully hid in the systems folder :)

Loading and storing the report including the list of files

What sounds like a default feature is more meaningful as you might think.

You know that sitatuon: You are the only computer nerd in your family and as soon as your parents mess up their computers you have to fix it. So what does the good son/daughter do in this situation if you are not living in Hotel Mama anymore? Of course: You let them create a disc space report and send it to you via email. You don't have to drive home at all and can analyse the problem without getting up! :)

Hint: I strongly recommend not to send these reports via email without encryption.

Not more?

Yes, I intended to developed a slim program without bothering you with useless features. And I am not planning to change this. Tip: You can click on the splash screen in the beginning to proceed faster.